Cover of "Yoga Chant"

Cover of Yoga Chant

I came to the Christine Center several years ago to hear a Kirtan group play on a Saturday night. Although I was certain the place would be overrun by uptight nuns in habits, I thought I’d give it a try.

The Kirtan group led by Ragini was dynamic and magical. Turns out Kirtan by Ragini is the largest independent and ongoing yoga chant scene in the nation. I’d never heard of Kirtan, ever. Or the Christine Center.

Nestled in the Wisconsin woods on 125 acres, the spiritual center is a place to slow down and be. A variety of workshops are available as well as guided retreats, work/study programs, body/energy work;  however you can come just to read or hiking with the deer. Rustic hermitages, camping and guest houses are available with fresh vegetarian meals three times a day.  Simply put, it’s a quiet place to renew your body, mind, heart and spirit.  

In alignment with their philosophy, the center is eco-friendly; they recycle and reuse as much as possible. Many of the buildings have solar and radiant heat. They grow and can most of their vegetables from several large gardens. And they barter and trade with the folks in Willard whenever possible, rather than using cash.